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» 18.04.14

Ploteri na popustu!!!

» 14.11.13

Roland SE Award

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Roland SE Award


Roland SE Award. The first contest in the world for technical force Roland.

Last October, Roland DG Corporation has “literally” put to the test twenty engineers of the technical assistance of various Roland DG in the world, at the headquarters in Hamamatsu, Japan, giving rise to the first edition of Roland SE Award .

Award SE (where SE stands for Service Engineer in fact) took place first with the preliminary stages in the various Roland of each country. The finalists were then invited to Japan to contest the final. The contest focused on the theme of competence on the world Roland Care and operations technical support to customers.
It ‘been a different way to enhance a job often obscure but crucial to user satisfaction and the quality of the brand.
“We wanted to create a worldwide contest to show the experience that the Roland engineers have cultivated and enhanced through daily practice in the field, giving them the motivation to further improve their skills and the overall quality of technical service offered by Roland DG. Quality of service, quality of product. And ‘the best approach for a brand that wants to transmit first trust and stability. “
These are the words Takaaki Koshita , General Manager of Technical Service Division globally, illustrates the aim of the competition that has another and equally important aims: to increase the quality and standardize the technical assistance provided by Roland Care globally . This, thanks to the sharing of experiences, cases and with the ongoing verification of the level of the technical team that takes care of the world of Roland Care.
3,2,1 Engineers to the test!

Engineers selected from all over the world dealing with a series of tests of their abilities.
The engineers participants have ventured in a series of practical tests such as, for example, the replacement of the ink jet heads, the repair of machines with different types of fault and also addressed a written examination to test the level of knowledge of products both hardware and software.
Compete for the first prize in the world has prompted the participants to show the best of their abilities and knowledge, in a very alive and vibrant, with tanata want to get involved between engineers from all over the world.
And the winner is …

Mr. Van de Yannig Wouwer (left) receives the award from Mr. Masahiro Tomioka, President of Roland DG.
Van de Yannig Wouwer , Belgian engineer with nine years of experience.
“I do not even know what to say! I’m so excited! All I know is that I hate doing anything that I do reluctantly, so I suggest always to do my very best in every daily activity. I like to think that this award is proof of the value of this attitude. “
Do your absolute best this is also the spirit of Roland and his technical team. All done in a place that fosters the exchange of know-how and best practices which is reflected in a positive way on the level of service for all users Roland.

Roland SE Award


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