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Roland SE Award

Olymp Electronic / News / Roland DG Innovation Studio Opens in Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in China

Roland DG Innovation Studio Opens in Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in China


Roland DG Innovation Studio Opens in Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in China

Promoting design and creativity through digital fabrication to educational institutions in the Chinese market

Shanghai, November 22, 2013 — Roland DG Corporation (TOKYO:6789), the world’s leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and 3D devices, announced the grand opening of the Roland DG Innovation Studio in the Industrial Design Department of the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. The Innovation Studio was established under a collaborative effort between Roland DG (China) Corporation and Synnex Technology International (HK) Ltd., Roland’s Master Distributor in China.

The Luxun Academy of Fine Arts is one of the eight major art schools in China, with its main campuses in Shenyang, a prime metropolitan city in northeastern China, and Dalian. The school focuses on fostering talent in painting, sculpture and photography, as well as fashion, industrial product design and environmental architecture. Since 1938, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts has graduated countless talented artists who have gone on to become leaders in the design industry. The school also boasts a collection of awards from contests held both domestically and overseas. When the Roland DG Creative Awards were held to celebrate the 30th year since its founding, it was Professor Du Haibin and Assistant Professor Jiao Hongwei from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts who took home the grand prize for their tunneling machine prototype created using Roland’s MDX-540 3D milling machine.

The Roland DG Innovation Studio was established with six different types of machines installed from Roland’s 3D lineup, including 3D milling machines, a 3D laser scanner, a jewelry wax modeling machine, and a digital engraver which was provided as part of the prize for winning the Roland DG Creative Awards Global Grand Prix. Under the direction of professors, students will be able to use these devices to design and create prototypes and other works. The Roland DG Innovation Studio also has a space to showcase product prototypes and design works created by professors and students using Roland products for the purpose of sparking the imagination of students and enabling them to directly experience the possibilities that Roland products offer.

Tetsuya Kobayashi, President of Roland DG (China), was in attendance for the opening ceremony. “It is a great honor to have our 3D devices being utilized at this fine art school,” said Kobayashi. “Our 3D devices are developed under the concept of desktop fabrication, and we believe they are perfect for educational institutions, where professors and students alike can transform imagination into reality.” Kobayashi also stated his hope for what the school could accomplish using Roland DG’s products: “I believe in the creative power flowing from all students, and I believe that China will continue to grow and develop. I am confident that, by utilizing the devices we have provided to their maximum potential, you will produce works of art that will surprise the world.”

Richard Cheung, the principal product manager at Synnex Technology International (HK) Ltd., also made remarks. “I thank you for establishing a Roland DG Innovation Studio in the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. I look forward to the creative energy and success stories that will flow from there and, as a result, help introduce Roland DG products to educational institutions across China.”

High aspirations also came from Xue Wenkai, an assistant professor in the Industrial Design Department. “This collaborative effort between the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, a top-level art school in China, and Roland DG, the world’s leading provider of 3D devices, will allow the design capabilities of this school and its students to soar to new heights.”

Roland DG has been selling 3D devices since 1986 under the slogan “Inspire the Enjoyment of Creativity.” Roland designs compact, user-friendly and affordable products that can be set up and used right next to a PC. Users working in manufacturing, education, dentistry, the arts, and even hobbyists, can easily make prototypes, perform low-volume high-variety tasks, or create customized goods. The company has focused on inkjet printers for China, but in recent years has seen growth in demand for added value through superior design and aesthetics, which can be prototyped on Roland’s 3D devices. The company plans to continue cultivating this market with its line of products.

Roland DG Corporation

Roland DG Corporation is a leading worldwide manufacturer of inkjet devices, milling and engraving machines, vinyl cutters, 3D scanners, jewelry wax model makers and photo impact printers. Roland pioneered the development of Print&Cut technology and today is the number one brand of inkjet devices with more than 130,000 sold worldwide*. In addition, the Company recently entered the healthcare market with milling machines designed specifically for creating high-quality dental prosthetics, including copings, crowns, full bridges and abutments. Roland DG has also brought to market an entirely new concept in 3D milling, the iModela mini 3D mill, which targets individuals in the growing hobby and craft markets. The Company uses its proprietary production technology to manufacture products that are distributed worldwide. Roland products help businesses transform imagination into reality by adding value to creative processes.

  • The total number of inkjet devices shipped from the Company as of March 31, 2013.

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