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Olymp Electronic / News / VersaUV LEF-12 Case stories added « Ulstrup Serigrafi »

VersaUV LEF-12 Case stories added « Ulstrup Serigrafi »


VersaUV LEF-12 Case stories added « Ulstrup Serigrafi »

Ulstrup Serigrafi

Gřrlev, Denmark – Founded in 1964, Ulstrup Serigrafi is one of Denmark’s oldest silk screen printing companies. Up until 2003, the company focused exclusively on silk screen printing, but as technological development took pace and digital equipment became increasingly specialized, Tina Christensson, the owner of Ulstrup Serigrafi, set out in a new direction and invested in her very first Roland printer.

Today, Ulstrup Serigrafi still focuses on silk screen printing, but with a Roland SOLJET PROII V SC-545EX and the latest addition, a Roland VersaUV LEF-12, Tina Christensson has discovered profitable new niches. “I added digital printing to the business in 2003, and it has been great with an alternative to the more complex silk screen process. In 2011, I bought my Roland VersaUV LEF-12 – a printer that has really helped us out,”says Tina Christensson.

Printing for the industry

Tina made a calculated investment when she bought her Roland LEF-12. “When I saw the LEF-12, I immediately determined that I would be able to move part of the production from silk screen printing to UV. I actually calculated that to make the investment pay off, the LEF-12 needed to produce a weekly turnover of 1000 Dkk. But as it turns out I have found much greater use for the printer and the weekly turnover is three times as big as I had expected,” says Tina with a satisfied smile.

That the pay off from the LEF-12 exceeds all expectations is a direct result of Tina’s creativity and her will to attempt what others can’t. “The production on the LEF-12 has become quite different than I had imagined. I rarely print on lighters and pens. Instead, I have small orders of specialized items. But what has really become much bigger than anticipated is industrial production,” Tina says.

Printing directly on metal plates for trucks and covers for measuring instruments has become a recurring assignment for Ulstrup Serigrafi. “At first I received 10 covers or plates at a time. But as my customers have learned that our quality and prices are both really competitive, I now receive orders for hundreds of covers or plates,” says Tina and continues. “With the LEF-12 it is possible to take on these small orders and make them profitable, which they wouldn’t be with silk screen printing. The LEF-12 has enabled me to take on new business and customers, and is truly a unique supplement to silk screen printing”

Tina is not exaggerating when saying that the LEF-12 has brought new business. Many of her colleagues in silk screen printing turn to Tina when they receive orders that they can’t process themselves. “I’ve become known for my ability to print on odd objects, so my colleagues in the industry quite often turn to me when they need assistance. And I have to admit that this has not only been fun, but has also generated challenging jobs for large customers such as NovoNordisk, Zendium and Post Danmark.”

Trusting in Roland

“I’ve been really impressed with the LEF-12 and found ways to print on things that you would have thought impossible,” says Tina, who is a loyal and happy Roland customer.

“The LEF-12 is my third Roland printer, and the fact that it is a Roland has given me confidence in its abilities. I know Roland’s set up and they have never let me down. So to me, Roland is the absolute best choice – a stable and user-friendly workhorse,” Tina concludes.

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