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Roland SE Award

Olymp Electronic / News / Roland DG Co-Hosts Workshop for Dental Clinics

Roland DG Co-Hosts Workshop for Dental Clinics

Roland DG Co-Hosts Workshop for Dental Clinics in China

New digital dental technology enhances both clinic efficiency and patient satisfaction

Shanghai, August 8, 2014 — Roland DG Corporation, a world leader in digital dental devices, recently co-hosted a workshop titled “One Day Treatment” for representatives of dental clinics in Beijing. Held at the Beijing World Dental Technology Training Center, the one-day workshop was presented by Roland subsidiary Roland DG (China) Corporation, in association with dental news provider Dental Tribune International, intra-oral scanner and CAD software manufacturer 3Shape, CAM software provider GO2cam International, and nationwide dealer Trustworthy Technology Co.

According to Takuro Hosome, manager of Roland DG medical business sales, “One Day Treatment” is a revolutionary concept for the dental industry that combines new composite resin materials with the latest digital tools and software. “Composite resin materials allow the manufacture of prosthetics, including crowns and bridges, that are amazingly similar to natural teeth and can be produced quickly with no sintering required.” The result, said Hosome, is that dentists can now offer same day service. “Plus, thanks to better contours and improved aesthetics produced by the digital solution, patient satisfaction is increased.”

The art of dentistry has been revolutionized by the recent introduction of advanced scanners, CAD/CAM software and CNC milling machines, which together automate and expedite the production of custom dental prosthetics. Tasks once performed manually by dental lab technicians are now done using 3D scanners to capture the contours of the tooth, CAD software to design the prosthetic, and CAM software and milling machines to do the production work. CAD/CAM systems greatly raise the efficiency of dental work and are beginning to be installed at dental laboratories in China.

In recent years, China’s economic development has led to an increase in dental clinics which has also brought increased competition.

“Leveraging digital technology can help set a clinic apart from its competitors with better prosthetics and faster turnaround time,” said Hosome. Following intra-oral scanning performed by a digital scanner, Roland DG’s compact DWX-4 dental milling machine provides precision milling of the new resin materials.

“We foresee economic growth in China bringing greater improvements in medical care as well as more people who desire better teeth,” Hosome said. “We feel the timing is excellent to promote ourselves throughout China and raise brand awareness.” Hosome also spoke of future developments, saying, “The DWX-4 uses open architecture, so this allows for future technology developments. We want to work closely with partnering companies in order to provide the optimal solutions for the Chinese dental market now and in the future.”

Roland DG Corporation

Roland DG Corporation is a leading worldwide manufacturer of inkjet devices, milling and engraving machines, vinyl cutters and photo impact printers. Roland pioneered the development of Print&Cut technology and today is the number one brand of inkjet devices with more than 140,000* sold worldwide. More recently, the company entered the healthcare market with milling machines designed specifically for creating high-quality dental prosthetics, including copings, crowns, full bridges and abutments. Roland DG has also brought to market a new concept in 3D milling, the iModela mini 3D mill, which targets individuals in the growing hobby and craft markets. The company uses its proprietary production technology to manufacture products that are distributed worldwide. Roland products help businesses transform imagination into reality by adding value to creative processes.

  • The total number of inkjet devices shipped from the company as of March 31, 2014.

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